Business is hard. Life is challenging.

But we can learn so much from other peoples mistakes, wisdom and codified systems. And, by doing so, improve our lives and reduce our paid.

That is where online education comes in. We believe that online  educators changed (and continue to change) the the world.

We want to help accelerate that change. No matter the issue, there is a coach that can help.

S2 Digital are on a mission:

We are on a mission to help business owners get the training and education they need from coaches and consultants who know what they are talking about. - Kevin Izevbigie

Back in 2012, before we started to serve clients, we created paid marketing campaigns for our own brands. We were just a group of data analysts and copywriters that was passionate about building businesses.

If it wasn’t for the people we met along the way, we wouldn’t of have half the successes we did. 

We did the pressups. But a wise man or woman stands on the shoulders of giants.

I will never forget the day when I (Kevin) first heard that it was possible to “put $1 into online marketing and get $2 out“.

From that point we we went on an 8-year journey of discovery.

Of course, 1000% return on ad spend is a lie. 300% is return is more accurate.

Today, we are obsessed with helping our clients achieve their business goals through paid marketing and marketing strategy.

Our Leadership Team

Stephanie Kadhim

COO - Integrator

Super Power:
A master in operations. Our clients win because of systems she designs

Weird Fact:
She really (really) loves cold places. A lot.

Nick Omosfe

Senior Account Manager

Super Power:
Paid Social

Weird Fact:
He has an obsession with rockets….I know…weird.

Kevin Izevbigie

Founder & CEO

Super Power:
Paid Marketing Strategy | Messaging & Copy

Weird Fact:
He has an identical twin brother. They compete at everything.

Clara Delgado


Super Power:
Overseeing Smooth Client Processes

Weird Fact:
At least once per week, someone asks if she is from Spain (because of her last name) - Clara is from the Philippines. 

You'll know if we're a fit after just one call.

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