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[CASE STUDY] Changed Nae Nae’s Weekly Email Strategy. From $2k per Email to $5k.

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[CASE STUDY] Ads & Email Strategy for Gully Garms. It Now Generates $10,000 Per Month.

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[CASE STUDY] Official Sea Moss – Increased Business Profitability + Revenue

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[CASE STUDY] $100k Product Launch for Urban Baristas New Coffee Product

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B2B Marketing Case Studies

Patrick, CEO – Profitable Designer

“Kevin helped me get 5.5x return on investment from my marketing with his sales and email strategies”

Dan – Mr Bamboo

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Amervim, CEO – Amervim LLC

My business tripled within 6 months. The growth was explosive.”

Alyssa, CEO – Alyssa LLC

“Kevin helped me master the sales and marketing process.