Gully Garms Case Study

Results Summary

  • Created a new email marketing workflow that allows new revenue without manual work
  • 7% increase in email open rate for each email, on average
  • Migrated all marketing to one CRM – Email, SMS and automations.

Working with Gully Garms

“They should make a new role inside every business – The Profit Director. Kevin should be in that position. I’ve never met someone who can blend marketing and finance and apply them to my business to increase profit.”

– Spencer, CEO – Gully Garms

Building Brand-focused automations is key

Gully garms has a strong brand. They know who they are and what they stand for. They were trying to keep up by sending out every single email manually.

We helped them weave their brand into multiple story-based automations.

They now have email assets that generate thousands of dollars per month on autopilot.

Email Marketing Services
  • Weekly Email
  • Email Marketing Manager Strategy
  • Email Writing & Design
  • CRM List Cleaning