Nae Case Study

Results Summary

  • Increased revenue per email from $1,700 to $5,000 per email on average.
  • 7% increase in email open rate for each email, on average
  • Migrated all marketing to one CRM – Email, SMS and automations.

Working with Nae Nae

Nae Nae Naturals is a provider of afro hair care products through their e-commerce website.

We worked with them to create a weekly email marketing system that allowed them to maintain list quality and increase sales at the same time.

Open rates are the key to email revenue

We increased the average open rate by 7%.

Always test subject lines.

Always mix email ideas.

Always mix email segments.

The results of this will show in your open rates.

Words over design

The best performing email generated around $9,000.

This email has over 550 words in it. Most of the other emails had 200-250 words.

Words sell.

Mix your sending segments

One of the biggest mistakes I see people make in e-commerce is sending to the same segment every email. This means that the same people get every single email.

But not every email is relevant to everyone. More importantly, you do not want to send too many offers back to back.

You need to mix up the campaign types. And mix up the sending segments.

This is something we call campaign mixing.

Email Marketing Services
  • Weekly Email
  • Email Marketing Manager Strategy
  • Email Writing & Design
  • CRM List Cleaning