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Your Email List Is Your Most Important Marketing Asset. It Generates The Best Return On Investment Over The Short And Long Term. We Welcome Any Email Marketing Software So Let’s Create Campaigns That Pay.

What makes an e-Commerce Store Successful?

The truth is, email and SMS success have nothing to do with email and SMS (sounds weird, I know!)

Good SMS and Email cannot solve a broken business. However, if you have proven that:

  1. You have a product that people want to buy, and
  2. A message that allows your ideal customer to understand it and buy it

Then email and SMS can help you add more sales and more profit to your business.

What Makes A Successful Email & SMS Strategy?

The words you use and the stories you tell.

When a brand message works with clear product benefits, something amazing happens.

But a good email marketing strategy does more.

  • It attracts the right customers to your email list and
  • Helps you stand out from the crowd and keep customers loyal
  • Turns first time buyers into repeat customers

There are a lot of key parts to good email marketing. A great strategy checks all boxes.

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Profit is number one, but you still need to make sales first…

How much money will I make from my email marketing strategy?

If email marketing is new to your business, you can add an additional 26% of additional revenue.

Most of our clients have already tried some form of email marketing. For these clients, they see approximately 9% – 20% increase in revenue. Depending on how poorly the last agency performed (smirk!)

There are three money principles we follow to to capture the best results for our clients:

  1. Long term relationships are very profitable. Most of our clients are interested in building a long term business and brands (we love these businesses!). If that is you, building long-term relationships with your email list is vital.

    We have seen a lot of people “burn and churn” their list. They aggressively shove offers down their throat. Every email they send is an offer email. This will burn your email list.

    Instead, I strongly advise you to ask yourself before every email: “will this email strengthen my relationship or hurt it?” and “is this the right time to send a promotion email or launch”.

    The true goal of email marketing is to build a list of super fans that buy more, buy more often and tell their friends to buy.

    A relationship focused email strategy will get your there. Relationships are profitable.
  2. Campaign mixing helps you make offers without burning your email list. There are unlimited implementations of email marketing. To maintain the health of your list while generating revenue, you should mix up the sending strategies.

    The three core categories of sending are: relationship emails, offer emails and newsworthy emails. Use them all.
  3. Words over design. The biggest mistake brands make is that they believe that the email design drives the results.

    Your customers want to buy products that solve problems. We communicate problems and solutions with words (Read: Good copywriting).

    Words sell.

    When we work together, I will ask you: Are we creating emails for you, or for your customers?

    We have been email marketing specialist for over 8 years. In that time, creating emails for the customer always generated the most revenue for the business.

If you follow these principles, your revenue will increase and stay there.

Great weekly emails make repeat customers

Do not burn your email list by being robotic

Most people send campaigns when then have an offer, discount or special. This is a mistake.

A great weekly email strategy helps you connect and build a relationship with your email list. When you have a strong relationship with your email list, they will buy more, buy more often and tell other people to buy more from you.

The key is to send a mix of offer emails and relationship building emails.

The email mix is the key to generating revenue from email.